• Mobile versatile machine with extreme performance

  • J-bevel

  • Automatic feeding system

  • Bevelling of very hard alloys

  • Capability to bevel the bottom side of the plate

Technical parameters

Maximum bevel width:

80 mm

Bevelling angle:

10°–70° (tulip bevel 0°-30°)

Plate thickness:

6—120 mm

Bevelling speed:

0—1.5 m/min

Motor Power:

4 kW

Motor idle speed:

820 rpm


400 V/50 Hz


80 mm diameter face cutter - 9 changable inserts

Hard alloy milling:

0-1,5 m/min

Net weight of the machine:

288 kg

Machine weight (incl. trolley):

300 kg


HURDMILL is an extremely powerful beveling machine designed for high material removal. The machine is equipped with a high-speed rotary milling head and is intended for beveling plates with a thickness of up to 120 mm and a bevel width of up to 80 mm.

The front-facing cutter with 9 carbide inserts is optimized for high material removal. This allows for a single pass diagonal beveling of up to 20 mm on standard steels. The milling technology ensures that the surface of the bevel is smooth and requires no further processing. The bevel angle can be easily adjusted by tilting the milling unit within a range of 10° to 70°.

The beveling machine is mobile, with its own chassis, enabling it to move along the material and be easily relocated between workstations. The working height of the machine can be adjusted within a range of 804 to 1,054 mm. Once initially guided onto the plate, the beveling machine is equipped with an automatic feed system under the supervision of the operator. For smaller pieces of material, the beveling machine can independently feed and bevel without the need for physical exertion from the operator.

Using special carbide inserts, the machine can process nearly all types of steel and alloys, such as Hardox, Duplex, Inconel, and similar materials. An inverted version of the machine is also available for beveling the lower edges of plates without the need for rotation.

OPtional Accessories

  • Ball unit table, ball unit track

  • Roller supports

  • Magnetic chip collector

Case study: J-bevel

Case study: J-bevel

J Bevel Case Study: Achieving Precision with J-Bevels using HURDMILL mobile beveller.

AlternativE products



➜ High-quality surface finish of the bevel
➜ Bevelling of the toughest alloys
➜ System for compensating irregularities



➜ Automatic movement along the plate
➜ Dual system for eliminating uneven surfaces
➜ Integrated handling trolley



➜ Bevelling of very hard alloys including Hardox and Duplex
➜ Adjustable for beveling both top and bottom sides
➜ Speed control of the tool and feeding

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