• versatile machine with extreme performance

  • can bevel at any angle

  • chamfering of very hard alloys

  • automatic movement along the plate

  • double system for eliminating unevenness

  • integrated handling trolley

Technical parameters

Maximum bevel width:

40 mm

Bevelling angle:


Plate thickness:

6—60 mm

Bevelling speed:

0—1.6 m/min

Motor Power:

3 kW

Motor idle speed:

300—800 rpm


400 V/50 Hz, 3-phase


80 mm diameter face cutter - 9 inserts

Hard alloy milling:

face cutter - 8 inserts

Net weight of the machine:

138 kg

Machine weight (incl. trolley):

210 kg


The SQUAREMILL is an extremely powerful and versatile machine, developed from the latest version of the PURMILL beveling machine. The machine is equipped with a high-speed rotary head (cutter) and is designed for beveling sheets from 6 to 60 mm thick with a bevel width of up to 40 mm. It can perform bevels at any angle, surface milling and face alignment.


The machine moves at an adjustable speed over the sheet metal using two drive wheels and achieves a smooth surface thanks to a special bevel system. After the initial guidance of the beveling machine on the sheet metal, an automatic feed system takes care of the rest under the supervision of the operator. In addition, the beveler is equipped with a sensor that automatically stops it when it reaches the end of the sheet. Smaller pieces of material are fed by the beveller after being caught by the drive wheels and bevelled without any physical effort on the part of the operator.


The motor driving the adjustable-speed beveling head delivers 3 kW of power, which is particularly useful when beveling very hard materials. The SQUAREMILL is capable of beveling almost any hard steel and titanium. The handling trolley has been improved with a clamp catch system and a double unevenness elimination system, which helps to overcome any imperfections in the thickness of the plate or deviations in its position relative to the floor.

Optional Accessories

  • cutting insert standard

  • coated cutting insert (for Hardox)

AlternativE PRODUCTS



➜ J-bevel
➜ Automatic feeding system



➜ Automatic movement along the plate
➜ Dual system for eliminating uneven surfaces
➜ Integrated handling trolley



➜ Bevelling of very hard alloys including Hardox and Duplex
➜ Adjustable for beveling both top and bottom sides
➜ Speed control of the tool and feeding

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