Our journey: Bevelling and Cutting solutions since 1992 

Established in 1992 in Brno, Czech Republic (now part of the European Union), we began by specializing in plate and pipe bevellers, pipe cutting and bevelling machines, and essential metalworking accessories. As our expertise grew, we expanded our reach and, in 2009, entered the global marketplace through our UK-based subsidiary, BEVEL LTD. Over the years, in addition to our standard products, we have introduced specialised machines tailored to customer specifications. Today, we proudly serve customers in more than 30 countries.

In the last decade, we have broadened our services to include machine rentals and custom bevelling, addressing an even wider range of client needs.

We take pride in supplying bevelling equipment to leading companies in the energy sector, including those producing on-shore and off-shore wind towers, as well as entities in the steel construction industry involved in infrastructure and civil engineering projects, transport vehicle manufacturing, and the shipbuilding industry.

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