• Mobile versatile machine with exceptional performance

  • Bevelling of even very hard alloys including Hardox and Duplex

  • Adjustable for beveling both top and bottom sides

  • Beveling at any angle, including J-bevel

  • Automatic feeding system

  • Smooth speed control of the tool

  • Smooth feed rate control

Technical parameters

Maximum bevel width:

80 mm

Bevelling angle:


Plate thickness:

6—120 mm

Bevelling speed:

0—1,5 m/min

Motor Power:

4 kW

Motor idle speed:

300—1500 rpm


400 V/50 Hz


80 mm diameter milling heas - 9 inserts

Net weight of the machine:

340 kg


Versatile and extremely powerful plate beveling machine model with its own feed and the ability to bevel both the upper and lower sides of the plate. ULTRAMILL ROTO is equipped with a high-speed rotary milling cutter fitted with nine carbide inserts, which bevel ordinary as well as the hardest steels including Hardox, Weldox, Inconel, and titanium.

The ULTRAMILL ROTO beveling machine is designed primarily for operations requiring beveling of both the upper and lower sides of the plate. Thanks to the rotating system, the entire machining unit can be rotated, allowing the creation of bevels for X and K welds, without the need to manipulate the beveled material. The machine can bevel plates ranging from 6 to 120 mm in thickness, with a maximum bevel width of 80 mm. The adjustable bevel angle in the range of 0° to 90° can be easily changed by tilting the entire milling unit.

ULTRAMILL ROTO is designed for beveling straight edges, facing, and milling off surface layers. It can also be used for beveling certain curved edges, especially those with a larger radius, such as concave shapes. It can create a chamfered edge at a 30° angle. The beveling machine moves along the plate smoothly at an adjustable speed using two drive wheels.

Thanks to the machine's height adjustment system using gas struts, the machine automatically adjusts the working plane according to the current plate height as it moves along the plate. The beveling machine is equipped with a sensor that automatically stops the rotation of the milling cutter at the end of the plate.

ULTRAMILL ROTO is equipped with a control panel.

Optional Accessories

  • Portable table with a ball track

  • Roller supports

  • Magnetic chip collector

AlternativE Products



➜ High-quality surface finish of the bevel
➜ Bevelling of the toughest alloys
➜ System for compensating irregularities



➜ J-bevel
➜ Automatic feeding system



➜ Automatic movement along the plate
➜ Dual system for eliminating uneven surfaces
➜ Integrated handling trolley

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