Case Study: UL Certification + Tailored Bevelling Solution

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Date of realization: January 2016


CAse study: Fulfilling Certification and Custom Beveling Needs

In this compelling case, our esteemed customer from the USA embarked on constructing a new factory, prompted by local authorities to obtain UL certification for their machinery. UL certification entails adhering to specific electrical components, specialized labels, and other requirements distinct from those mandated for CE declaration. Working closely with the control panel supplier, our dedicated Bevel team seamlessly adapted and outfitted the machines with UL certified control panels, meeting all the stringent criteria of this certification.

Customer requirements

In addition to the certification challenge, our customer presented us with a unique demand: the need to achieve a 76° bevel, which falls outside the standard range of 15-60°. Rising to the occasion, we introduced our cutting-edge SQUAREMILL machine, specially designed to deliver precise 76° bevels. Furthermore, the customer required double-sided beveling, which we successfully resolved through a strategic combination of our PURMILL and PURMILL UpD machines. Recognizing the significant scale of their operations, our customer acquired a total of 8 machines, enabling them to produce over 200 wind turbines annually.