• without pipe diameter limitation

  • mechanical cutting

  • precise cutting

  • wall thickness up to 45 mm

  • highly stable

Technical parameters

Clamping range:

406—3048 mm

Orbital shift rate:

214 mm/min

Motor power:

3100 W

Cutting speed:

220 m/min

Air consumption:

2800 l/min

Air working pressure:

6 bar

Cutting disc (Ø):

160 mm

Max. machinable thickness:

45 mm


120 kg

Cutting speed - idling:

312 - 450 rpm


MILLGRIP introduces a new generation of chain-driven beveling and cutting machines. With cold cutting, MILLGRIP produces perfectly clean and smooth cuts without hardening of the material on pipes up to 45 mm thick.

Thanks to the unique combination of a chain drive and four rubber wheels, the cutting unit moves stably around the circumference of the pipe and cuts it. MILLGRIP is able to cut pipes with diameters from 406.4 to 3 048 mm in this way.


  • carbide insert for pipe cutting

  • milling head for pipe bevels

  • carbide insert for pipe bevelling

  • extension of the guide chain

AlternativE produCTS



➜ 10 models according to size
➜ Cuts and bevels simultaneously
➜ Can follow the ovality of the pipe - deviations, unevenness
➜ Aluminium frame
➜ Can bevel very hard materials



➜ Large range
➜ Cuts and bevels simultaneously
➜ Can follow the ovality of the pipe
➜ Strong steel frame
➜ Can cut and bevel any material



➜ For large diameter pipes
➜ Very high performance
➜ Unlimited wall thickness
➜ For all bevel types

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