• Bevelling of convex and concave curved edges and holes

  • Machining various materials is possible

  • Smooth speed control

  • Option to convert to VEERIO bevelling machine

Technical parameters

Maximum bevel width:

shaped edges 3 mm, straight edges 10 mm

Bevelling angle:


Plate thickness:



R2; R3

Motor Power:

750 W

Speed of the milling head (without load):

0—6000 rpm


230 V/50 Hz

Machining method:

shank milling machine Ø 60 mm - 7 cutting iserts

Net weight of the machine:

75 kg


The INCURV bevelling machine is designed for bevelling convex and concave curved edges and holes. The material to be bevelled is placed on the machine's base and manually guided along the milling tool. For straight edges, a flat milling tool is used, while a radius milling tool is available for curved edges.

The maximum bevel width achievable with this machine is 3 mm at a 45° angle. The INCURV can be easily converted to the VEERIO bevelling machine, which can perform bevels on straight edges up to 10 mm wide. The necessary accessories are included in the package.

The speed control of the bevelling machine allows for bevelling various materials, including steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and harder plastics.

optional accessories

  • Standard shank cutter

  • Shank type cutter for radius R2 a R3

Alternative products



➜ Easy operation and low weight
➜ Equipped with electric speed control
➜ Can be used on pipes and cutouts



➜ Optional automatic feeding system available for purchase
➜ Capable of beveling radius R2, R3, and R4

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