• Ideal for machining large quantities of small parts

  • Bevels a variety of materials from steel to plastics

  • Can bevel radius on edge - R2, R3, R4

  • Optional automatic feeding system available for purchase

Technical parameters

Maximum bevel width:

10 mm

Bevelling angle:

45°, optionally 15°- 45°

Plate thickness:



R2, R3, R4

Motor Power:

750 W

Speed of the milling head (without load):

2900 rpm


230 V/50 Hz


rotary cutter - 12 replaceable inserts

Net weight of the machine:

52 kg

Size (L x W x H) mm

500 x 500 x 350


The VEEZY table bevelling machine is designed for bevelling smaller sheet metal of any thickness or parts with a prism profile. It operates based on a milling principle, utilizing a rotary head equipped with 12 four-sided cutting inserts, allowing for a bevel width of up to 10 mm. This machine is suitable for steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. With the use of a special cutter and inserts, it can also handle materials with lower hardness, such as aluminium, bronze, and plastics.

In addition to the cutter's height adjustment, the machine provides the option of transverse feed, which is advantageous when working with small pieces. This feature allows for the utilization of the entire width of the insert instead of just its center. The VEEZY machine is suitable for regular chamfering and, with the use of special inserts, it can bevel edges below radius R2 to R4.

VEEZY is available in two versions: one with a fixed bevel angle of 45°, and the other with a continuously adjustable bevel angle ranging from 15° to 45°. Additionally, an automatic feeding system (300-1200 mm/min) is available for purchase.

Optional accessories

  • Four-sided cutting insert - standard

  • Four-sided cutting insert - coated

  • Cutting insert for radius R2, R3, R4

  • Automatic feeding system

Alternative products



➜ Mobile and lightweight
➜ High beveling speed
➜ Chamfering of the outer edge pipes

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