• Universal handheld beveling machine

  • Easy operation and low weight

  • Equipped with electric speed control

  • Bevels straight and shaped edges of sheets

  • Can also be used on pipes and cutouts (holes)

Technical parameters

Maximum bevel width:

16 mm

Bevelling angle:

22.5°, 30°, 37.5°, 45°, 55°, 60° - special milling head is required for each angle

Plate thickness:

from 1,5 mm


R2, R3, R4, R5

Motor Power:

2200 W

Speed of the milling head (without load):

1800—5850 rpm


230 V/50 Hz

Bevelling method:

milling head - 5 replaceable inserts

Net weight of the machine:

10 kg


Handheld lightweight machine for creating bevels before welding metal materials. It operates by milling with a rotary head equipped with cutting inserts. It can be used on any straight or shaped edge of sheets, profiles, and pipes. With adjustable speeds, this machine can be used on a variety of metals, from stainless steel and mild steel to aluminum. The resulting bevel is smooth on most materials, eliminating the need for additional finishing work.

Using a special head and radius inserts, it is possible to machine edges with a radius ranging from R2 to R5.

The machine is supplied with a chosen milling head fully equipped with cutting inserts. Each bevel angle requires a different milling head and the corresponding radius of the cutting insert.

Optional Accessories

  • Work table for stationary beveling

  • Milling head for beveling (5 inserts)

  • Milling head for radius (4 inserts)

AlternativE products



➜ Easy adjustment of bevel angle and width
➜ Overload and vibration protection
➜ Quick and easy insert replacement



➜ Capable of machining different materials
➜ Adjustable speed control
➜ Optional automatic feeding system available

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