• Designed for serial beveling

  • Automatic operation

  • High working speed

  • Easy control with a foot pedal

  • Lightweight

Technical parameters

Inner diameter of the pipe:

20—42 mm

Head diameter:

67 mm


40 mm

Head speed:

180 rpm

Motor Power:

435 W

Air consumption:

615 l/min

Air pressure:

7-8 Bar



Max. noise level:

75 dB


11,2 kg


LITEAMAT is a lightweight bevelling machine specifically designed for pipe work and repetitive operations. With its automated beveling process, it significantly reduces non-productive working times.

It is intended for beveling pipes with small diameters and is clamped from the inside of the pipe. It smoothly and swiftly handles both internal and external beveling along with face alignment. The clamping range with the standard clamping shaft is 20 to 42 mm, and with the reduced shaft, it can be clamped from 12.5 mm onwards. The weight of the beveling machine is 11.2 kg.

It is particularly useful for tasks such as pipe beveling or shortening, releasing sealing welds, or creating a weld crown on pipes during repairs.

All working operations, including clamping, starting the drive, feed engagement, subsequent stoppage, and unclamping, are carried out automatically. Once set up, the operation is simple and straightforward. The operator only needs to insert the machine into the pipe and press the foot pedal.

With a special jaw, it can also be used for bevelling plastic pipes. Bevelling blades are available for all types of bevels.

Optional Accessories

  • Reduced head with a diameter of 60 mm

  • Reduced clamping shaft for a range of 12.5 to 21 mm

  • Arc shaft for clamping to bends

Alternative products



➜ ID 20-39 mm (extention range 12,5-21 mm)
➜ bevelling in confined spaces
➜ Lightweight design
➜ Bevelling of membrane walls



➜ ID 23-108 mm
➜ Unlimited wall thickness
➜ Two clamping shafts - covering multiple pipe sizes



➜ ID 20-42 mm (extension 12,5-21mm)
➜ Two easily interchangeable shafts
➜ Bevelling of membrane walls
➜ Available with automatic clamping

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