• Easy bevelling angle adjustment

  • Capability to bevel the bottom side of the plate

  • High bevelling speed

  • Bevelling of curved plates

  • Possibility of beveling pipes

Technical parameters

Maximum bevel width:

18 mm

Bevelling angle:

22.5°, 30°, 37.5°, 45°, 55°

Plate thickness:

6—40 mm

Bevelling speed:

1,5 m/min a 3 m/min

Minimum width of bevelled sheet:

70 mm

Motor Power:

800 W


400 V/50 Hz, 3-phase


Slow-running rotary cut

Net weight of the machine:

104 kg


SPEDANGLE operates on the principle of a slow-speed rotary cutting tool and performs bevels at angles of 22.5°, 30°, 37.5°, 45°, and 55° on plates with a thickness of 6 to 40 mm. The bevel angle can be easily adjusted without the need for additional accessories. Depending on the angle, the maximum bevel width on carbon steel is 18 mm, while on stainless steel, it is 15 mm. The machine operates quietly.

The self-locking clamping system allows for beveling both large plate sheets and smaller parts. For smaller plates, the machine automatically feeds the plate through the beveling unit during the process. For larger plates, the machine moves along the beveled edge. The beveling speed can be set to 1.5 m/min or 3 m/min as needed. SPEDANGLE can be used for beveling some convex or concave curved edges of plates, and it can also bevel pipes with an internal diameter of 125 mm.

The tool has a conical shape and can be repeatedly sharpened flat. The lifespan of the cutter depends on the hardness of the material being processed and the length of the workpieces. With a tensile strength of 40 kg/mm², the cutter's lifespan (based on practical experience) is around 1000-2000 m, depending on the average length of the workpieces. When processing longer workpieces, the lifespan of the cutter is significantly higher.

Another version of the machine is SPEDANGLE with a rotator. When using the rotator, a single machine can be used for beveling the upper and then the lower side of the plate, and the working height of the machine can also be adjusted.

Optional Accessories

  • handling trolley

AlternativE products



➜ High-quality surface finish of the bevel
➜ Bevelling of the toughest alloys
➜ System for compensating irregularities



➜ Mobile and lightweight
➜ High beveling speed
➜ Chamfering of the outer edge pipes

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