On-Site Work: BEVEL's Battery-Powered Tube Bevelling Machines for Efficiency and Flexibility

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Are you beveling pipes in non-standard spaces, and cables are becoming a complication?

This technology is highly beneficial and often essential in workplaces lacking access to the electrical grid, as well as in confined spaces where cables might be inconvenient or at risk of damage due to surrounding activities.

BEVEL's innovative line of tube beveling machines is designed for efficiency and convenience, powered by replaceable, high-capacity, industrial-grade batteries.

The series includes the following models:

  • LITEA: Offering a clamping range from 20 to 42mm.

  • LITEA OD: With a clamping range from 10 to 60mm.

  • RAX: Featuring a clamping range from 28 to 76mm.

These machines are tailored not only for the energy sector but also for any situation where mobility is crucial, or electrical power supply is challenging.

A top-tier, reliable 18V industrial-grade battery with a 4Ah capacity ensures a consistent and robust energy supply, providing ample power for regular tasks.

For extended operations, it's advisable to charge a spare battery simultaneously or to have a sufficient number of fully charged batteries on hand, in case recharging spares is not feasible. This strategy guarantees uninterrupted and smooth operation.

As with all BEVEL tube beveling machines, there's the option to use up to four blades simultaneously. This feature allows for comprehensive beveling, calibration, and alignment of the pipe end in one efficient operation.

Customers can rely on guaranteed warranty and post-warranty service, as well as the long-term availability of all necessary spare parts.

Choose the tube beveling machines that come with a unique 30-year tradition and expertise.