• Powerful, Portable, & Versatile: Engineered for a range of grinding tasks with ease of transport and setup

  • Back Gauging: Efficient removal of welding root for cleaner welds

  • Welding Seam Preparation: Quick removal of excess thickness from welding seams

  • Surface Preparation: Ideal for preparing the welding area through grinding for better weld quality

  • Polishing Capability: Equipped with a grinding belt unit for the smooth polishing of vessels and other surfaces

Technical parameters

Power Supply Tension:

400 V

Main Motor Power:

9 (kW)

Push Motor Power:

0,37 (kW)

Horizontal Motor Power:

0,37 (kW)

Total Power:

10 kW

Head Horizontal Stroke:

160 mm

Head Push Stroke:

140 mm

Grinding Disc Speed :

3200 rpm

Grinding disc maximum diameter:

410 mm 

Grinding Disc Flange Seat :

60 mm

Grinding Disc Peripheral Speed:

65 m/s

Grinding Disc Available Thickness:

12/14/16 mm

Cutting Depth:

0-120 mm

Plate Feeding Speed:

500/2000 m/min

Constant Acoustic Ratio at 2 Meters:

80/85 db

Acoustic Peak at 2 Meters:

110/120 db

Machine weight:

180 kgs

Weight including trolley:

500 kgs

GREDGER- Back Gouging Grinder

Back gouging or back gauging is the process in which excess weld material is removed from the back side of a weld joint. Only when appropriate back gouging is performed, complete weld fusion of the root side of the weld is assured.

The GREDGER Back Gouging Grinder executes precise back gouging, cleaning the weld area without the hazardous toxic fumes typically emitted with some other back gouging methods. It also significantly reduces the physical strain on operators that comes with manual grinding, all while substantially increasing productivity.

Intelligent Floating System for Consistent Depth and Accuracy

The GREDGER grinder is equipped with an advanced Intelligent Floating System, controlled electronically to ensure consistent back gouging depth along the entire weld. This smart system adapts to the vessel's ovality, maintaining the accuracy of the gouging depth and ensuring uniformity. Moreover, the system's automatic lateral movement during operation ensures the back gouging groove is perfectly aligned and the weld seam is precisely tracked. This level of automation not only elevates productivity but also enhances the quality and consistency of the weld preparation process.

OPtional Accessories

  • Trolley

ALTERNAtive products



➜ J-bevel
➜ Automatic feeding system



➜ Automatic movement along the plate
➜ Dual system for eliminating uneven surfaces
➜ Integrated handling trolley



➜ Bevelling of very hard alloys including Hardox and Duplex
➜ Adjustable for beveling both top and bottom sides
➜ Speed control of the tool and feeding

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