Custom cutting of the 500x18 pipe line in the city water system

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Based on our customer's request, we successfully conducted a specialized cutting procedure on an internal pipe of a city water reservoir, which had been in service for over a century. The objective was to replace the old grey cast iron pipes with new pipes made from a more modern and advanced material.

Due to the complex accessibility of the worksite, with limited access to the drained water reservoir bottom, the cutting technology of mobile machine BEVEL LITERING was chosen.

This machine variant was not only suitable for its lightweight construction, with an aluminum alloy frame, but also for its ability to be divided into two independent segments. This was necessary for transporting the machine to the worksite, located at the bottom of the drained water reservoir.

Once the machine was transported to the site, it was deployed and assembled directly on the existing pipeline. The required number of cuts were then made, dividing the pipeline into approximately 1-meter sections that could be easily lifted out of the reservoir using a hoist.

Within a single working day, nine cuts were performed on the specified 500×18 pipe.

This cutting technology is not only suitable for dividing pipes made of grey cast iron but also for steel pipes.

It proves to be a valuable solution for similar projects in the energy or heating industry, essentially in any situation where space is limited and the use of mobile pipe cutting technology is required.