Case study: beveling Hardox

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In response to the request of an international client, we conducted a sample beveling of the supplied semi-finished products made of HARDOX 450 and 500.

Based on the given specifications, we successfully beveled three sides of a rectangular piece measuring 270x503x12 mm, with angles of 55°, 81°, and 87°.

We utilized the highly efficient ULTRAMILL ROTO, our advanced mobile beveling machine specifically designed for challenging tasks like working with Hardox and other tough steel materials. With its ability to operate within the complete range of angles from 0° to 90°, the ULTRAMILL ROTO proved to be the perfect solution to meet the project requirements.

The beveling process was executed under optimal cutting conditions, employing multiple layers on each machined side. The results surpassed expectations, achieving an outstanding outcome.

This successful accomplishment demonstrates the reliability and effectiveness of the ULTRAMILL ROTO machine, showcasing its ability to deliver exceptional results even with demanding tasks like these.