• possibility to bevel both sheets and tubes

  • ball track for easy sliding

  • easy adjustment of bevel width

  • possibility to bevel even high-strength materials

Technical parameters

Maximum bevel width:

30 mm

Bevelling angle:


Plate thickness:

50×150×3—100 mm

Machining speed:

3,3 m/min


R2; R3

Motor Power:

7500 W

Speed of the milling head (without load):

500—2920 rpm


400 V/50 Hz

Net weight of the machine:

850 kg


Stationary bevelling machine for machining straight edges, various sizes of workpieces. Modern design and innovative solutions make the workflow more efficient in order to maximize production efficiency. The bevel angle can be adjusted from 15 to 60°. Maximum bevel width 30 mm. Continuous speed and feed adjustment. Suitable for various types of steel and aluminium.

The high-speed rotary milling head is equipped with 10 inserts. Easy access to the milling head and inserts. Working height of workpiece up to 100 mm. Ergonomic ball track allows easy workpiece feed. Also allows beveling of tubes with outer diameters from 50 to 150 mm.

Alternative products



➜ Mobile and lightweight
➜ High beveling speed
➜ Chamfering of the outer edge pipes

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